Bumble + Bumble Scalp Refreshers

Can you believe that I had never tried Sunday shampoo from Bumble + Bumble?? When it was a blogger fave, a few years ago, my hair was damaged and dry so the last thing I wanted was something promising more squeak in my clean. I leaned towards richer formulas then but now my hair is au natural and thriving (for the first time in my adult life) I finally felt like maybe this was my time.

When this arrived (PR sample) along with their new scalp ‘mask’ I couldn’t wait to put them to the test. I’m always looking for something to minimise oil and leave my hair shiny with some light bounce (not much to ask, right?) and this seems to tick all those boxes. It also claims to clarify and reset any build up after a week of dry shampoo and serum.. just a happy coincidence.

I tried them together at first but I was so disappointed by the Scalp Detox (it’s a bizarre mousse that’s difficult to apply/spread (although the cooling fizz is lovely) and seemed to leave a residue so my hair never really looked clean) that I had to test them apart just to see. The mousse is just not for me, It doesn’t leave me feeling fresh (far from it) so I’ll be passing along to a friend and eagerly awaiting her verdict (I mean.. it could be user error) but the Shampoo deserves all the hype it received those many years ago.

I could probably get away with it as my regular shampoo (since I like that squeaky clean feel these days) but since 1. it’s designed for a once weekly clarification and 2. it’s expensive as far as shampoo goes, I’m saving it for ‘best’. I’m also hiding it from my daughter who’s been ploughing through my Aussie Mega like it’s going out of style. For now I’ll be over here, swishing my shiny new hair.

Do you have to hide your nice stuff? It’s great that the kids are more self-sufficient these days and have less tantrums (those toddler days, man) but if you still have little ones, appreciate these days where you know your tweezers are where you left them and your expensive face masks aren’t depleting faster than you’re using them.


*these products were sent to me for review but I made no commitment to the brand


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