Burberry Lip Velvet in Bright Poppy #30lipsin30days

I’m back with another product that’s no longer available. YAY! In my defense, they do still make the lipstick they just discontinued this colour. I bought this forever ago, when Burberry spent that short stint in Boots stores (what a bizarre move that was) and I could spend my Boots points of their fancy wares. I never managed to pick up that Pale Barely eyeshadow all the bloggers had and after the quad I did buy I don’t think I’ll bother.

I bought this deep berry shade 1. because it was Autumn at the time and 2. because something about it said Burberry to me. It was classic and felt chic, I thought it would be a luxury lip I reached for every year but it just missed the mask in every way for me. The bullet is slightly square and the flat area you’d use to apply (in theory – I know we all have our ways) is too large to get a good shape. It’s also super patchy even after a couple of layers. It needs a lip liner both for definition and to lay down a base of colour and for £26.00 you want a complete package. Oh and it bleeds horribly after an hour or so too so again.. liner is essential.

On top of that it’s just not ‘velvet’ at all, is it? The initial shine does wear off a little but it’s never anything I’d call velvet. It was just such a disappointment and when I was choosing colour for this series I pulled this out hoping I’d change my mind completely (it’s happened before) but alas, the colour is lovely but the product is not. The packaging is also lacking. Very light weight and the magnet isn’t strong enough to keep the lid on in your handbag.

Hopefully Burberry have improved on these many issues since I bought this (please let me know if so and I may try them again) but if this is anything to go by I wouldn’t recommend you splash your cash on their lip colours – their blushes; however, are fantastic.. but that’s for another time.



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