Can you say… SIGMA?

I have to say guys…
These brushes are the most exciting promotional item I’ve ever recieved!!
They are just BEAUTIFUL!!!

I will take you through my morning… Remember this is just my first look, My review will come probably sometime in a week or so when I’ve had time to use the brushes enough.

So the packaging says Sigma…I’m officially excited…
inside… everything was wrapped in pink tissues paper and an envelope with my name on it laid on top..
Inside was some promotional information and inside the tissue paper were the brushes in an organza gift bag, so cute.
First look at the brushes, they seem really high quality, the bristles are all so soft and the handles are long and very substantial, all wooden. In all the information they included cleaning instructions, I must admit I’ve rarely cleaned my brushes in the past but I feel like I should make more effort with these!

So heres a closer look at each of the brushes…

I am sooo excited to start using the duo fibre brush with my new mac foundation, and the blending brush!! I’ve been using a kind of pencil brush to blend for a while but I have been dying to try out a brush specific for that purpose. So you guys will just have to wait for my review, in the meantime I’ll leave you with this, my new brushes are so very soft and feel great in my hand, Can’t wait to try them out!



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