Candlelit Romance

Although we’re not having a big do as such I still like the idea of Wedding Candles! As you know I’ve done this before but I don’t intend on doing it again and I really want to soak up every little bit of wedding I can. It’s something I’ve only very recently been introduced to but it seems to be an emerging market with lots of brands bringing out their own versions. For those of you planning your own wedding this may be useful in a more conventional reception setting but this is more personal for me. I imagine lighting these candles as I get ready with my husband to be in our home. A scent that would remind us of that special day that we could light on our anniversary… or any romantic occasion really, doesn’t that sound lovely? 
Here are some available right now…

Yankee Candle Wedding Day – from £6.99 here
Alesia Barry Wedding Reception Candles – £15 here
Bluebell Wedding Candle – £12 here

Miss BB

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  1. 1 January, 2012 / 6:15 pm

    These sound fabulous! I wanted a big white wedding but because we are spending money for private assisted conception and possibly ivf ive been thinking about how it could still be amazing. As i say im kinda liking the wild west theme at the mo but i change my mind a lot so who knows lol x

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