Candy Cane Candle

I had such high hopes for this scented candle I picked up at TK MAXX last week. I actually went in specifically for it after a few of you commented on a recent shopping vlog that the smell I loved in a hand wash was actually available in candle form. I couldn’t get there fast enough when Saturday morning arrived only to be terribly disappointed by the evening when I finally gave up and admitted it was a dud. In the jar it smells amazing, like a sweet peppermint but when it burns it smells like a gas leak. I was convinced we had one, it actually gave me a headache, awful! I smell hundreds of candles whenever I visit that store and am always tempted but after this disaster I think I’ll stick to what I know from now on. I actually have a cheeky little Bath & Bodyworks order coming in from the US courtesy of a very lovely reader, Bridget who kindly offered to do some Black Friday candle shopping for me in return for some hair products she can’t get over there. As you can imagine I am chomping at the bit to get those started, I just hope they arrive in time for Christmas!

Miss BB


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