Candy Cane Cupcakes

 Since we’re in the last week before Christmas I decided to take in some goodies to work and what better than homemade cupcakes? I’m no master baker *giggles* but these are fool proof, I have them down to an artform now and can throw a few dozen together, iced and all in about an hour. I still struggle with larger cakes and would recommend you start small if you’re a learner in the kitchen but there a few tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that I share along with the recipe over on my cooking blog – link 

In order to festive-up my Christmas cupcakes I had a flash of creativity and decided to splash a little red food colouring in to my frosting before the piping bag and I think you’ll all agree it’s pretty effective! I instagrammed a picture of the cakes I took to work and many asked for the recipe but there’s no extra special mixture, just regular cupcakes with a candy cane twist.

I actually made a video of my step by step baking and icing process, the sound quality leaves a little to be desired but the most common question I get regarding my cupcakes is how I ice them and it answers this better than I ever could in words!

Do you have any traditional Christmas confection you’ll be whipping up this weekend?

Miss BB


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