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It’s my birthday on Saturday and to mark the occasion I treated myself to something that’s been hovering at the top of my wish list for months. The colour was what sold me so I didn’t even consider looking at alternatives when I finally pulled the trigger, I LOVE a red bag and this is just the perfect shade. So far it’s just as versatile as so many people told me it would be and feels casual yet dressy and soft yet substantial all at the same time. I can completely understand why the Gucci Disco is so popular and can’t for a second understand the rumours that it might be discontinued!! That was another reason I decided to place my order.. that and the fact that it’s increased in price by £100 since I was first looking so my dithering was actually costing me money! So if you’ve been on the fence my first thoughts would be, DO IT! I completely love it already.


While we were in Leeds at the weekend we also made a stop at Louis Vuitton on the off chance they might have an item I’d had my eye on that Lee had offered to buy me for my birthday.. they did and after a little personalisation we will be back on my actual birthday to collect it this weekend.. the excitement is hard to contain. I’ve wanted something in the Azur print FOREVER, it’s actually the first print that piqued my interest in the brand but so many people share horror stories about the pale canvas that it put me off.. we’ll see how it goes but I’ll share what I picked out as soon as I have it in my hands!! One last thing.. the coat, AMAZING! I got it in the ASOS sale from the New Look Tall range (I’m far from tall and I don’t think it’s comically long on me) and I absolutely LOVE it, if it’s still available and you are looking for a fun alternative to a black coat it’s an absolute STEAL! – they also have it in petite now and it seems that’s ALSO in the sale! £35 well spent.

The One Where I Succumbed To The Sales

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I have been SO good to avoid the post Christmas sales, We did our annual Boxing Day trip out and I was remarkably restrained, buying only a pair of pyjamas and slippers (and a coffee machine but that was FOR THE FAMILY) and I’m not sure I shopped at all online! But with my birthday coming up (on the 4th) the urge to splurge has hit me hard this week. I thought I’d share some of my late sale purchases as most are still available and having tried everything on I’ve chalked it up as the most successful shopping week of all time because I’m keeping everything.. unheard of. I’ve tried to link what I can below as well as some alternatives for those of you looking for payday inspiration 😉 ..but if you’d like to see what I bought you can watch this

Topshop Patterned Blouse – Similar £32.00 / Topshop Airtex Pleat Skirt – £5.00 / Topshop Velvet Joni Jeans –  Similar £20.00 / ASOS Black Crewe Neck Sweater – 16.00 / New Look Grey Leopard Coat – £34.50 / Whistles Boyfriend Jeans – £57.00 / Dune Leopard Pointed Flats – £36.00 / Zara Glitter Fabric Flats – £7.99

My Favourite Coat I Thought I’d Never Wear

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I wear this coat CONSTANTLY! It goes with so many outfits, I love the warm pastel pink colour, the fabric doesn’t attract (or maybe just hides well) the constant layer of dog hair living in my house and it’s light enough to never feel too warm. I don’t love the shape.. when I first tried it on (I ordered online) it reminded me of something Pauline might have worn in the Laundrette and I’ve often thought of donating it during my many wardrobe purges but I just keep reaching for it. I forget how much I paid but I remember it was dirt cheap in the ASOS sale or I would never have taken a chance on a coloured coat but I would definitely consider another one now.


Maybe something about the particular shade of pink makes it almost neutral? I mean if leopard can be neutral, surely blush pink can? On that subject I actually just ordered a black/grey leopard coat from New Look in the ASOS sale (they got me again) which I’m hoping will be a fun twist on classic black. I also ordered myself a little (not little at all) birthday gift today which I am VERY excited about so watch this space for a reveal of that.. it’s been a long time coming and I decided to pull the trigger this morning since it takes a little while to ship. The shoes I’m wearing here (by the way) are insanely comfortable and Topshop have released a few different variations, all at only £18 over the past year. I have gold and silver and would buy another in a heartbeat so if you see them..

LAKELAND TERRIER FRUG FRENCH BULLDOGI had to pause to take this picture.. for the past 20 minutes the dogs have been in this stale mate. They do this every. single. night. Buddy eats his chew and Manny taunts him for as long as he possibly can with his.. they’re like children!

Talking of pause, it’s time for The Affair. If you’re not watching it, you should be!! I have a major theory this season and I have it on good authority that I will get some vindication in this weeks episode after so many people told me I was off base so I’m especially looking forward to this one! I’ll be back tomorrow with something a little more beauty centric.. I realise I have been very slack on the makeup front recently!!

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