Hydrate & Shine This Winter

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img_9677I’m so used looking for hair products that focus on repairing damage that I’m a little out of my depth now that my hair doesn’t need that anymore. Since I grew out my colour and chopped it short I’ve discovered my NATURAL hair is actually very fine and won’t stay clean for more than 12 hours. I’m washing my hair every day for the first time ever and almost scared of conditioner or any product that might leave a residue or weigh it down. When I received the new Nutrifier range from L’Oreal I thought ‘I’ll try it but it’s going to be too heavy for me’ but so far I’ve found it to be the perfect balance between squeaky clean and deep conditioned leaving me with shiny hair that doesn’t feel like I have product in it at all. The shampoo is the initial star because it’s what gives me that super clean feeling but the mask is really the ‘ooooh’ product. I use it on the very ends where I do still have remnants of bleach hiding under my last colour and it smooths those dry areas without making my hair look dull.

img_9700The leave in treatments are just as light and perfect to prep my blow dry or after leaving my hair to dry naturally to add some shine and to de-frizz. Overall it’s a really hydrating range, perfect for Winter since although I don’t want to use too many products it’s FREEZING out there and just as my skin needs moisture, so does my hair. The products contain glycerol which I BELIEVE is in place of silicones.. it provides that same protective layer without so many of the nasties. That being said I have nothing against silicones personally so long as I’m getting the desired results.. it’s just a nice to know. There’s also coconut oil which we all know is some wonder from the gods where hair is concerned so.. bonus! It’s one of the only lines made for damage  that I’ve found to work really well for my less damaged hair after a year of nursing it back to health so if yours is fine and a bit blah (like mine) but you want a little something extra for the colder months I’d recommend you give this a go!

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The Wonder Of Instant Length

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IMG_0042In the past 18 months I’ve tried 3 methods of professionally applied hair extensions, after my last set of Great Lengths keratin bonds I thought I had found my match but there’s something more than a bit special about Lucinda Ellery hair. For those of you just joining us, a little background. My hair went through a bit of a melt down last year and started breaking off left right and centre after a bad bleaching appointment with my (now ex) hairdresser. It left me with an unsightly, uneven mullet and trawling the internet for solutions. I was ready to chop it all off when I was offered extensions to review. I was already at the ‘lost cause’ stage so I didn’t see the harm.. if they were damaging I could always chop it off as planned, after all. IMG_0024 2But my hair wasn’t damaged and now, 3 months after that last set were removed my hair feels great and I was more than a bit nervous to put it at risk. A little research however put my mind at ease, Lucinda Ellery salons are first and foremost hair loss management specialists, they are NOT in the business of damaging whatever hair you have left when you come in. I know that for me my hair can totally dictate how I feel about myself so to lose it would be very difficult but the work they do in this salon is absolutely unreal. I saw women come in for adjustments and touch ups who you would never know had any issue with hair loss thanks to the Intralace system – you can see some before/afters online here – seriously amazing!

IMG_0031What appealed to me about another set of extensions was 1. the length, it’s fun to have instantly long hair for someone who’s never had the patience to grow her own, 2. so long as they’re in I’m not tempted to colour/bleach my own hair.. which by the way has not been touched since JANUARY!! That’s a record for me, I’m certain! and 3. they hide my still uneven, quite mullety style I have going on while the shorter layers (breakage) grow out. I think I will likely have a couple of inches off when the extensions come out.. I never really study the back of my head but this picture is pretty shocking! I look like a Bee Gee!


So here’s the big difference between Lucinda Ellery and other bonded extensions.. all of the hair is loose. This means they can not only choose the right thickness of each piece depending on what they think is suitable for your hair type, they can also create a totally custom colour for you which will make a huge difference to how well the extensions blend with your own hair. They also use a thicker section of your own hair to anchor each extension so there’s less chance of breakage. I’ve only had them in for 24 hours at this point but my first impressions are great, the bonds feel chunkier than my last set but I have a lot more hair and yet they don’t feel heavy at all. I will update with maintenance info as that was a huge plus for the Great Lengths, I found them really easy to look after and treated them just like my own hair so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll feel the same way about these.

IMG_0034The bond is clear so adapts to your own hair colour which is a massive bonus and although you can see them they’re not obvious when I wear my hair up and they will only become less so as they grow out. On that note they are said to last 12-14 weeks with an 8 week check up at which time they can replace fallen extensions as well as check on the health of your own hair.

IMG_0044I’ve been swooshing around the house all day with my new long hair (un-noticed by the smallest child who said it ‘looked browner’) and I’m now settling in for an early night (it feels like it should be Friday, can’t it be Friday?) and a spot of Gossip Girl, I finally feel like I could give Blake Lively’s mane a run for it’s money.. almost

*service was provided to me for review

A Girl CAN Change Her Mind! / MONTH IN MASKS

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IMG_8786Todays mask is not one for the face but for the hair.. and it’s one I NEVER thought I’d be trialling again in a million years! Once upon a blog, way back when I reviewed the original Philip Kingsley Elasticizer after a rather harrowing hair damage drama and was left wanting, to say the least. It did absolutely nothing for me and after my negative review Phil contacted me (well maybe not HIM but someone who’s probably never met him that is somehow involved in getting bloggers to only speak highly of his products) and was offered a tub of the Extreme version as well as some shampoo/conditioner etc to use alongside it. They genuinely thought I would change my mind and naive as I was back then that gave me some hope that the product would really work for me. They really can’t believe I didn’t see amazing results, I thought.. it must have been me, I thought.. I’ll give it another go, I thought. It wasn’t.

I’ve had multiple samples of this product over the years and have never thought it anything to write home about but last week I was sent a new sample to review as part of  a beauty awards panel so I thought it only fair to give it another shot and refresh my memory before I wrote it up. For those of you just tuning in I had pretty awfully damaged hair at the start of the year, it was snapping off into a rather attractive mullet and I was at the end of my rope. I had a set of bonded hair extensions applied, took my colour much closer to my natural shade and 6 months later I would LIKE to say it’s made a miraculous recovery. It still needs some help but it’s amazing what that break from colour/bleach did for the condition and when I used this pre-shampoo treatment last week I was stunned. Once dry my hair felt smoother, looked shinier.. I finally saw that improvement everyone raved about. It’s an expensive product and I’m not sure I’d run out and purchase it once this runs out as there are so many others I like that are cheaper (coconut oil, I’m looking at you) but if you have the budget and the inclination to blow it on a £19.00 (for 75ml) pre shampoo treatment I can stand in your way no longer.

My experience tells me that this is NOT for those of you who’ve found this post in desperation, surrounded by clumps of hair. It’s for those of you who have maybe coloured, maybe heat damaged hair that needs a little TLC but that’s pretty happy where it is and isn’t planning on deserting you any time soon. The bold claims and glowing reviews had my expectations way above where they should have been which led to years of me bad mouthing this to anyone who’d listen but now I look at it with fresh eyes and hair in pretty good nick I see a place for it.. perhaps that place is days/nights when the potential of coconut oil dripping down my face isn’t quite so convenient.

PS. the original is actually £17.. so, y’know.. £2 saving. Every little helps!

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