Weekly Wind Down 2.2

I made some notes at the start of the week of things that were happening to cover in todays post and I legitimately forgot, as I sit down to write this, that it was my birthday. It came and went with so little fuss and my book arriving totally eclipsed any excitement I may have …

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Weekly Wind Down 2.1

Apologies for the late delivery this week but I was out for my birthday last night and I am a little worse for wear. I’m trying to be a little more mindful of ‘portion control’ where alcohol is involved and thankfully I was mostly tired today but honestly, but I could definitely do better. If …

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Are You Maternal?

This was something that played on my mind last week, after the ‘assumptions tag’ video I filmed. Enough people suggested that I wasn’t maternal or that motherhood didn’t come naturally to me that I started to wonder what that meant. I asked instagram and twitter ‘what does maternal mean to you?’ and the responses were …

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