Anniversary Weekend

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A couple of weeks ago we were looking for a last minute weekend away for our anniversary and stumbled upon Rudding Park in Harrogate via Secret Escapes. If you don’t use the site you should, they room was about half of the regular cost, we got dinner, bed and breakfast for around £150 and the bathroom… THE BATHROOM!!  When looking for a place to stay I always check reviews but rarely actually post my own so since I was so happy with our stay I thought I’d give it a whirl..


Photos are the most important part, aren’t they? The bath was super swanky and built for two (*wink* – we actually sat in the tub listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno on our anniversary.. just about the least romantic thing ever but hey!) and there was a massive glass shower cubicle with what my husband tells me was a magical shower head but I didn’t test for myself. When we first arrived we ordered a bottle of process from room service which was promptly delivered in an ice bucket and we decided to pay the extra (I think it was £7) to take our breakfast in bed the following morning – since we’d made such a saving on the booking we were pushing the boat  out. We had a set menu or a set value to spend (£40 pp if memory serves) for dinner and I ended up with steak and scallops.. I couldn’t tell you what Lee the because I was in a food haze.

RUDDING PARK HOTEL REVIEWRUDDING PARK HOTEL REVIEWRUDDING PARK HOTEL REVIEWThe whole place feels super swanky but not intimidating, the staff are friendly and there was a wedding there during our stay so there were families and children but it felt like they belonged.The bed was comfortable and so big I had no idea where I was the next day because I couldn’t feel Lee laying next to me.. I could get used to a bed that large but sadly our new bedroom is a shoebox so we’re stuck with a standard double for the foreseeable. All in all an awesome stay, we were already planning a return on our journey home and if it pops up on Secret Escapes again I will jump on it!


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IMG_0053Man! This week has really felt like the longest week of the longest month of the longest year. I think the Christmas move and subsequent scramble to keep my head above water has finally caught up with me and I got next to NOTHING done. It wasn’t particularly relaxing but definitely unproductive enough to give me a kick up the arse for the week ahead!

I thought I would do a little catch up today and fill you in on all the bits and pieces that might have made it in to a video or post but didn’t..


I saw La La Land on Wednesday night with Lee and went back on Friday with the kids. Obsessed. It was a bit late for Milo so the little guy slept through most of it but he was toe tapping away before he succumbed. The reason I took him at all was because that morning I was listening to the soundtrack on the way to school and he instructed me not to listen to any more without him because he ‘loved it so much’ – how could I not take him? It’s completely indescribable and I know it won’t be for everyone but my husband is not a musical guy at all and even he enjoyed it.. I would just say if you think you might want to see it it’s definitely a film that was made for the big screen. On the small screen this week was Delicious, the mini series with Emilia Fox & Dawn French. I’ve been taping since after Christmas and finally binged all 4 episodes last night, if it’s still available as a box set on Sky (and you have Sky) I would recommend it. I love Dawn French of course but the story wasn’t quite as predictable as I’d expected from the promos.. a welcome January pick me up since everything else I watch isn’t back till Feb! (Scandal and Suits are coming soon!!!!)


We finally booked a hotel for our Anniversary weekend coming up. We were deliberating over where we wanted to go for the longest time and settled on Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate which we found on Secret Escapes. I’ve never used the site before but we were spoiled for choice since we weren’t married to a certain area..I’ll let you know how it goes but so far I’d recommend the site for cheap deals. We also booked our Easter return to Las Vegas which is obviously the most exciting.. let the holiday shopping and attempts at diet and exercise commence. We’re going back to The Vdara which we absolutely loved last time and we always book through Expedia (people tend to ask) as we have never found a cheaper price for a holiday elsewhere.


I have barely worn makeup this week because of a disastrous beauty fail on Wednesday. I thought it was a GREAT idea to have my entire face threaded (HORRIFYING – DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU REALLY FEEL LIKE YOU NEED TO) and follow up with a brow tint and facial.. NOT a great idea. I’d like to think the salon would know if it wasn’t smart and that perhaps it was just me but I currently look like I’m suffering severe adult acne and am living in masks (skincare, not costumes) and salicylic acids. I will share some pictures with you along with some of the most effective treatments I’ve discovered along the way once I’ve cleared up my skin. It’s been a bit of a blessing as I’m currently testing a new skincare range aimed at blemish prone skin and 1 or all of the products do seem to be making a difference.. watch this space.


The replacement for the camera I lost in the move finally arrived this week so that was my shopping budget for the month (and some) but my birthday is coming up and I have a little Wishlist populating in my mind. I actually sold a couple of bags on eBay this week that I wasn’t 100% in love with to fund some other things I absolutely DO love so I may share that list with you later in the week so you can weigh in. I’m also off to the shops tomorrow to check out the new season stuff.. BUT I have a bag full of ill advised sale purchases from Hollister to return SO it’s kind of like shopping for free, right? Swap Shop? I’m hearing good things about M&S knitwear right now and that’s a shop I literally never even walk through ordinarily so I will make a special trip tomorrow to see what all the fuss is about.

And that’s it (I’m sure I’m missing major details) ..I am going to be up and at ’em first thing tomorrow to get my shit together and post more this week but I’m not filming till Monday so any video requests would be EXCELLENT 😉

Brighton / Blogger Buzz-worthy?

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So last month Lex and I hopped on a train to Brighton.. I had wanted to go for the longest time and came away disappointed.. this is going to seem like a strange post but I think a little balance is needed for those who like me could be fooled by the instagram allure..

I was SO excited to visit Brighton, instagram and blogs make it look so picturesque, so pretty and a must-do for any blogger worth their site.. but for me? It was just like any other seaside. I don’t personally see the appeal at all and was mighty disappointed when I walked along the pier to discover it’s EXACTLY LIKE BLACKPOOL.. what?? I realise now that it’s just the closest beach to the city.. so if you’re in to the tacky seaside attraction (and I use that word as huge fan of tack elsewhere) then you will probably be in to this. There are some fringe benefits to it being so close to London, kitschy shops and cafes that feel a little more hipster than say Scarborough’s selection but it just did not push my buttons because I do not like to be beside the seaside.

img_1141img_1132img_1175img_1144img_1129I know that sounds mad.. so why did I go? Call it peer pressure, call it ‘YouTube made me do it’ I just expected a whole world of buzzworthiness when in actual fact, pretty as the beach is it’s still just somewhere to hang out with fish and chips after going on the dodgems. My Mum would LOVE it but I do not like long walks on the beach.. I’ll take a view of that beach from a hotel bar, thanks! In short, Brighton can be picturesque but if you’re anything like me you’d probably prefer Bournemouth.

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