Haunted House Nail Art / #TalontedKhila

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Haunted House Nails

Dusting off the cobwebs of last week my next design is ‘haunted house’. There are a few versions of this knocking around and it’s much simpler than it looks. The best part is that you can really be as crooked as you like with your lines, it just adds to the ‘spooky’ feel.. great if your hand is not so steady! You can pick your background colour then you really just need a black and a fine brush (or a nail art pen) and everything else can pretty much come together with regular polish you will likely already have. Again I tried to put together a step by step but since this was less methodical it’s really just the very basics but hopefully you get the idea..


Cobweb Nail Art / #TalontedKhila

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img_1855I had to trash Monday’s post, the dire picture quality was killing me!! I decided to repost my first look so that I could also introduce Talonted Lex who I will be collaborating with for this nail art series. We will be posting a bunch of nail looks between now and 31st October to inspire you to try some yourself. Lex is much more skilled than I so I thought I’d do some super simple step-by step guides for those of you beginners out there – like me!


Metallics, For Fall? Groundbreaking

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It’s official, these are the only foil nail colours you need this season and they’re a teeny tiny £1.99 a pop. I’m not usually a fan of foil finishes to WEAR but I’m ALWAYS a fan of them to apply. No matter the brand they tend to be one coat opaque and super quick drying and these are no exception. Okay, so they’re not BETTER than Essie but they’re also no worse and they’re a good chunk change cheaper so if I had to choose they would get my vote. Not particularly chip resistant (but nor are the more expensive formula’s I’ve tried) and you’ll need a nice top coat if you like a shiny finish but if you’re running late or have a last-minute party to attend and have 5 minutes to paint your nails, these are what you want!

L-R / Purple, Copper, Silver, Gold (originally named)

Available online here or at your local Superdrug for £1.99 each, the new Wonder Metal polishes are worth a look if you’re thinking about trying a foil effect or looking to add a fast drying formula to your nail collection this Autumn!

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