Essie Retro Revival

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Essie Retro RevivalIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Essie, the huge selection of colours and my absolute favourite brush and formula so I was excited to try the new Retro Revival collection because in theory it’s a relaunch of some of their greatest hits. Another reason is that their Retro Revivals (this is the second collection by that name) have a bit of Vegas theming. The golden star print emblazoned on the caps is designed to resemble the original logo of the Stardust casino in Las Vegas.. why? you might be wondering, because Essie actually LAUNCHED right there. I love the story behind the founder deciding on this spot, she knew that the girls working the casino tables would have their hands on show constantly and so they would potentially by her best customers as well as her best advertisement. We have ALL asked (or at least wanted to ask) what someone is wearing on their nails, you really can’t argue with her logic. Genius really. Since we have a return trip to vegas booked I was hoping to find a shade from the collection to be my holiday nail colour and now I’ve swatched them all I’m spoiled for choice! The bright and sparkly Prima Bella obviously appeals but I think I’ve settled on Bold Beauty on my toes (which I’m wearing right now, actually) and Pure Chiffon ( beautiful shimmery cream) on my fingers.. for now anyway.

You can pick up this collection online for £7.99 each ..but only until 14th March!

Two Tone Nails

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I did these red/white nails last week when I was feeling the festive makeup feels and they were so simple and lasted so well I thought I’d not only share them but try them with another colour combo. Turns out there’s an optimum combination when take is involved and a cream, long wearing polish on bare nails works better than a metallic over a base coat for the first coat here. I will be using Maybelline White Sail as a base for this kind of thing again for sure! I think the red and white was also a prettier contrast than the green/purple which is less effective and has a (should have been expected) halloween feel. China Glaze Define Good is one of my favourite festive colours and over the white just one coat was needed which is perfect if you’re trying a split colour look. I used these nail guides from Amazon to create the arrow shape.. they come in a pack of 3×3 designs and are super cheap.

img_3146img_3149img_3147When I tried it with Illamasqua Quagga (green) as the base colour it was very stretchy/not quite dry underneath the tape when I pulled it away. Not for lack of time between coats, I waited at least an hour to be safe.. It might work better as the tip colour but I’m not sure it would ever give a totally clean line in this scenario. Remains (purple glitter) however was much better and so much prettier on the nails than it looks in the bottle. I believe both are limited edition so if you’re in to either don’t wait too long!

Starry Starry Nails

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I’m back with another nail art attempt today! I’ve tried this a couple of times and have come to the conclusion that it really is pretty fool proof no matter how you do it. I start with a black base coat and sponge on different colours, a metallic adds nice depth but really just whatever you’re in to. Then a few white dots (varying sizes) and I paint a cross over the largest on each nail. Super easy.. BUT  if you’d like a visual step by step you can watch THIS VIDEO!

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