Celebrity Wedding Photo Style..

As you know I have been waiting to get re-married for what feels like an eternity. I feel like I’ve abandoned this blog a little as I’m trying not to dwell on wedding planning until we can set an actual date. It’s just depressing. But I feel like we’re getting closer now so you may see more frequent updates here from now on.
I’ve been thinking about my priorities. We don’t want a big wedding, by all accounts it would be classed as tiny. My dress is of course important, I want to look and feel great on the day and I think I found that early on (although I haven’t tried it on it a while… must do that soon). My shoes.. again, important that I feel good in them but they don’t need to be expensive and I have a couple of options that may fit. My hair and makeup will be given some extra time and consideration.. I will be doing trials on youtube and you guys can tell me what you like best.. I’m thinking of starting that soon. When I think of everything I have to do I’m not too worried. It can be put together at short notice with little effort. It’s all very relaxed and casual, we will book when we can, we will invite few people, if they can make it then great, if not it doesn’t matter, we’re happy to go alone. So if none of that really matters then what does?
We go to city hall, we marry, we come home, we’re husband and wife… that’s it?
What do you have left? Photographs of course! 
If I have only one thing I want it to be THE photograph. 
The one that we can frame and hang on our wall for the rest of our lives, that we can hand down to our children, that will serve as a record of our wedding day.
I was married before, I did the whole big wedding, all the plans, all the money wasted and I got some great photographs, I never framed one of them. This time around I don’t need all that, all I want is one beautiful shot that shows our love and happiness. 
I have sourced the following celebrity wedding photos online for you guys to take a look at, they are exactly what I want. Of course in the real world it doesn’t always work out the way you want but I would absolutely die for a photo of us like this to hang…
How gorgeous are they?
I am a jealous person, it’s an ugly trait but I am. I am jealous of anyone with beautiful pictures such as these but I love to see them all the same so if you’ve posted pictures somewhere or have a blogpost to share please leave a link in the comments. I am excited to be married to Lee and excited to be able to announce a date to you all that we can finally do it. I’ll keep you posted and will start hair and makeup looks very soon so watch this space.


  1. 22 February, 2011 / 1:20 am

    The 2nd and 3rd photos you've put up are gorgeous, they look so natural and effortless <3
    If you go on weheartit and search for weddings, youll get 1000s of pictures come up you can look through.. http://weheartit.com/tag/wedding
    You might find something else you like there too : )
    Good luck with all your plans anyway.xx

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