Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle

How excited was I when I got the email about today’s BuyaPowa Deal? Very!
I know they’ve had some great products recently but even I didn’t think they’d get Chanel on board. When I worked in a Beauty Department Chanel was the only house not to take part in discount days. Understandably they didn’t want to cheapen the brands image but as a result you can virtually never find it at less than RRP.
When I asked you what you wanted to see as BuyaPowa’s next deal lots of you put Chanel at the top of your wish list, asking for various different products. I think the tricky thing we’re going to find with this site is that as they can only ask for one specific item at a time they’re going to lean towards the classic/universal options. This , for example, is in the cult shade Mademoiselle 05, as worn by the beautiful Vanessa Paradis in the ad’s. Maybe it’s not the colour you would choose but I think they’re playing it safe with something most people could wear. I’ll admit it’s not the colour I’d have chosen if I’d had the whole range in front of me but boy am I glad I have it now. It doesn’t look like anything “special” in the tube but on the lips I really do think it’s one of those classics everyone should have in their collection. Being the budget hunter that I am I immediately did a sweep of my lipstick drawer to see if I had any drugstore dupes and it would appear this really is a new addition so I’m very pleased with it.

 You can buy the Range of Rouge Coco lipsticks here from for £23 each. At that price you can understand why when I received this I didn’t want to like it. As you know I’m not a huge lipstick fan so I didn’t think there was much risk of using it up and needing to repurchase but y’know now.. I’m not so sure.
It’s hydrating, the colour payoff is great (just one swipe and you’re out the door) and it lasts!
It gives enough colour to wear out on the town but not so much I couldn’t pop it on for the morning school run. You can apply it lightly for a “just-bitten” effect or bold to look perfectly polished.It will replace my favourite Viva Glam V as my handbag staple that’s for sure. I will of course keep searching for that drugstore dupe for those of you that just can’t quite stretch your budget above Superdrug prices (well done ladies, you have more will power than I) but for those of you interested in bagging the Chanel version at a discount read on…
What absolutely hooked me on this co-buy was the packaging I received it in. Of course it would be fabulous to treat yourself but how cool would it be to hand this over to a friend on their birthday or even (don’t hate me for saying this) Christmas! It’s closer than you think! I’m tempted to buy another for a Chanel-loving friend of mine who would just melt over this…

No joke, I left this in it’s packaging a whole day before I opened it… it was just too pretty to unwrap!

You can view the BuyaPowa deal here Best price is 26% off at £16.99


  1. 6 October, 2011 / 11:50 am

    I'm bummed buyapowa doesn't ship to the US – I'd love to try Chanel for a discount! The color looks beautiful.

  2. 6 October, 2011 / 5:16 pm

    The packaging is stunning, would make a fantastic gift x x

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