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I’ve been doing ‘come shopping with me’ videos on my YouTube channel for a while but they actually originated with ‘changing room tales’ post here on my blog so I thought that this time I’d do a little hybrid over here. I keep seeing awesome stuff on social media from New Look but I never take the time to go in so yesterday, I WENT FOR IT! I don’t think I’ve ever tried on so much in one sitting. If you’re in to moving pictures you can watch the 5 minute video of my try-on trip here but if you have an even shorter attention span or you’re browsing this at work and can’t stealthily pop in your in your headphones, here are some stills and links..

BLOUSE – £15.99

TOP – £9.99 / BOTTOMS – £12.99

DRESS – £19.99

CAMI – £12.99

TSHIRT – £7.99

DRESS – (not online but this is close) – £24.99

TOP – £9.99 / SHORTS – £17.99

DRESS – £19.99

SKIRT – £19.99






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  1. Potimarron
    17 April, 2018 / 8:25 am

    Hiya, this isn’t about this post but I’ve just seen your video about your new bed and thoughts around bedroom furniture and storage. On refinery 29 recently they did a post around where to buy furniture for small spaces. Might be worth a look (I seem to recall that the futon company was one of the ones they recommended). Apartment Therapy have a whole section for small space ideas too.

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