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 Bit of a break from my usual posts today, I’m going to be talking about some baby ‘beauty’ products. Milo loves his bath time and is not averse to having his hair done, every evening his Daddy sits and combs his hair while they watch TV and he seems to enjoy it so I figured he’d love some new products to try – and get this, the hair and body wash has ARGAN OIL!! That’s right, it’s made it to the world of kids shampoo, they’ll have BBB cream next – Baby BB cream 😉


 Milo is blessed to have what his Dad describes as ‘the most fantastic hair’ (jealous) so it doesn’t take much but it was so soft and shiny after using this so that gets a big thumbs up. The bubble bath would you believe is the first bubble bath we’ve ever used with him, he’s nearly 2, isn’t that crazy? I think because when they’re tiny you avoid any unnecessary additions to their bath water we just never did it as he got bigger but he loved the bubbles – I can’t speak for him (he can barely speak for himself) but they appeared to taste nice. Scent wise both of these products are supposed to have an orange fragrance but there was nothing I could detect so if your bambino is a little sensitive I wouldn’t let that put you off entirely because it’s not heavily perfumed at all.


 Packaging wise the bottles are basic but these are travel sized, the full sized ones are a little more colourful. The labels seemed to appeal to the little man because he wouldn’t leave them along, that being said he’s very territorial so once he knows something is his he likes to have it with him – my Mum tells us that when he goes to stay he takes all of his things and puts them in a corner where he sits and plays as if to say, MINE! Kids are so strange sometimes.


Overall these are cute and if you’re the kind that’s worried about parabens and mineral oils in your own products then this entirely natural and organic range is sure to be one you’ll want to check out for your kids!

Available online here

Miss BB

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  1. 14 August, 2013 / 12:00 pm

    Awwww this is so cute, nice little Mohawk going on there!! X

  2. 14 August, 2013 / 12:34 pm

    He is ridiculously adorable!

  3. 14 August, 2013 / 3:11 pm

    oh my, so adorable!

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