China Glaze – Define Good..


IMG_3923Much deeper and more berry toned than the glittery, happy red that was Just Be-Claws but possibly even more festive for it? Define Good – which I’ll be honest I bought 100% because of its name – is a new release from the China Glaze Twinkle Collection for Christmas 2014 and one of the more traditional festive options. There are some serious glitters as well as some very cool blues and greens but I don’t think you can go wrong with red at Christmas, can you? Not all China Glaze formulas are great, there are some awesome colours which I buy and wear because I love them but they’re thin and not my favourites to apply. This is far improved, almost opaque on the first coat due to the metallic finish and one of the few I’d recommend as a really good all rounder. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on dozens of occasions but I always buy these from Nail Polish Direct, by far the cheapest UK seller (other than eBay etc) I’ve found and the shipping is super fast. You can find this one online here for £3.99 (same as a Barry M Gelly Shine, in case you were looking for a drugstore price comparison)

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