China Glaze – Glitter All The Way



I absolutely love this but have to say I am sick to the back teeth of removing glitter nail polish. I’m having a serious glitter-out for the foreseeable future, only opaques and duo-chromes for me, thank you! After Pure Joy from the same China Glaze Christmas collection looked a little messy applied alone I decided to use this as a top coat to another polish. I wore Essie – Dive Bar underneath which is a blue/green and I think complements the multi-coloured Glitter All The Way perfectly. It lasted well before chipping, I actually took these photo’s 4 days in because I kept forgetting and you can see a little wear but nothing major. Overall I love te bright glitter layered over a dark polish and so many of you asked what I was wearing in instagram photo’s etc, if you’re a glitter lover I’d definitely recommend this. One last note, I thought it would be easier to remove given that it was just one coat of glitter over rather than layering it up as I did with Pure Joy but it made no odds.. thought it was worth mentioning.

Miss BB



  1. 10 January, 2013 / 3:58 pm

    This looks gorgeous! Although I’ll have to agree with what a pain they are, although I love glitter polishes too much not to wear them! xo

  2. khadija
    10 January, 2013 / 5:56 pm

    That looks amazing must be soo hard taking it off

  3. 11 January, 2013 / 8:42 am

    What do you use to take glitter off your nails? I was just wondering because I recently tried the tin foil method (soak cotton wool in nail polish remover, put on nail wrap tin foil round) and after ten minutes all the polish slid straight off.

    I also have the bourjois one second nail polish remover pot thing… but it’s not so good with glitter.

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