China Glaze – OMG Flashback

Do you remember when Gosh launched that holographic polish and it sold out everywhere? There are certain products that make me feel nostalgic about my little blog and that’s one of them. It was probably around 2010 (when I was starting out) and it was the ultimate blogger must have at the time.. but it was terrible. It was the coolest thing ever when you first applied it, very effective holo colour in a nail polish? what the what?? But it lasted approximately 30 second before chipping. I couldn’t even get a full evenings wear out of it so it (and any copy cat product that came after) kind of lost their shine for me.

So I stayed away from the recent resurgence and the arguments over what was holographic and what was simply iridescent (I mean, really people! isn’t it obvious?) but the OMG collection from China Glaze caught my eye. I love me some CG and couldn’t resist picking up the mini set from Nail Polish Direct and it is good stuff! I found it near impossible to photograph (I’ll post a video to my insta stories for you) but it has the same shining, shimmering splendor of the OG from Gosh and I am (as the kids say) here for it.

It doesn’t chip crazy quickly, dries fast and only needs 2 coats to be 100% opaque. Some have more impact than others (purely because they blend in with the rainbow, I think) but shine a torch on any on of them and you’ll see the hidden prism of glitter.. 2 enthusiastic thumbs up from me!

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  1. 11 August, 2018 / 12:13 pm

    OMG I remember when GOSH released that holo nail polish! It was called something like one night and it didn’t even last one night haha! xD

    These look amazing though, I’m definitely going to check them out next time I’m near a China Glaze stockist! 😀 I’m especially loving 2NITE and IDK! 😀

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