Christmas Gift Guide – FOR KIDS

Here’s the third in my Christmas Gift Guides, it’s for the kids and I’ll admit it’s not much of a guide. I really just ramble on for 15 minutes about how you shouldn’t spend too much money and you should force yourselves to spend time with your children lol.. But really it’s important to realise that it’s years before kids ‘need’ big presents so while you can still buy them big plastic stuff that looks like a lot but really isn’t why should you be shelling out crazy money on expensive gifts? I’ve spent a lot of money on things for Ella in the past and have no idea where they are now. I don’t intend to lay down big cash again until she’s responsible with the things she already has. But I digress (as usual) hopefully the gifts I’ve bought and the ideas I share in this video do help some of you that are stuck for gift ideas this year.


Miss BB


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