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nail wraps

I’ve tried nail wraps in the past and they’ve either been horrendously thick stickers or super fiddly strips of nail polish.. neither of which last more than a day so I wasn’t super excited about trying more but after these two packs I’m glad I did. It was the Avon Candy Cane nail stickers that opened me up to the idea of decals again, I was sent them to review and as I was making some Christmas videos for their blog I thought they’d be nice to wear in them.. a week later and they were still going strong. Given that I have been vlogging every day this month I even had viewers remarking that they couldn’t believe how well they’d lasted.. just goes to show you shouldn’t write off a product altogether because of a couple of bad experiences.


Given that I didn’t think they’d last I didn’t apply them as well as I could have.. spot the ripples? That being said you’d expect that my horrible application would have hindered their wear time but no, against all adversity they lasted and lasted and lasted. I only took them off because I bought a polish and was desperate to try it out.. who knows, they could still be on right now, haha.


For those unfamiliar with the process you basically choose the sticker closest to the size of your nail, pop it on, fold it over your fingertip and file your nail to get rid of the excess. It’s really simple and if you’re left with a bunch of huge sizes you can cut them to fit and get two uses, this is why I prefer the stickers to the strips of actual polish. The polish strips are great, more realistic and I’m sure lots of people prefer those but they’re a one use product, once they’re open they dry up so they’re not as good value and they don’t last as long on me.IMG_0940

The Essies ‘So Haute’ stickers are what I applied yesterday in preparation for Christmas.. I totally love them, they feel so secure so I’m hopeful they will last through the week of celebrations just like their Avon predecessors. I do find they last better of short nails but don’t be scared to get them wet, wash your hair.. the dishes.. I have been very impressed thus far and am able to carry on as usual. If you’d like an example of cutting the remnants to fit I used what I had left to do Ella’s nails (she’s 8) and I think they look pretty good..


Not perfect but cute and we’ll be matching! I think nail wraps are a great way to snazz up your fingertips in a snap and if you’re not a whizz (or have no time) at nail art they’re ideal!

I can’t find a link for the Avon ones online but the Essie are available here

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