Christmas Shopping… For ME?

Every year Lee struggles with presents for me… he never knows what to buy and yet every year he buys things I love. This year he’s really pushing the issue and would really like me to pick some things for myself (as well as the obligatory “surprises”). I’m torn. I like the idea of a shopping spree don’t get me wrong but I’m an old fashioned girl when it comes to presents, I hate to buy people things they’ve asked for and I hate to be bought things I’ve said I want. It’s stupid really because there are some items I just won’t buy for myself and Christmas is the perfect time to get them but.. I don’t know. I think it’s about trying to retain some of the magic of Christmas from when you were a kid.. the Santa magic.
As a compromise I thought I’d spend half my budget on some new clothes. After being in maternity wear for the majority of 2011 it will be nice to shop for something in the regular section and I could do with some larger sized “transitional” clothes to wear while I’m waiting to squeeze back in my pre-baby wardrobe.
I went shopping on the hunt for jeans last weekend and while I realised I’m not quite jeans ready yet I discovered the gem that is Dorothy Perkins. I hadn’t ventured in in the longest time but the 30% off signs in the window enticed me through the doors. I found some fab jeans I will fit in to soon at BARGAIN prices and spied some other goodies too so when we agreed I would do some of my own Christmas shopping it was my first port of call. I was excited to see the 30% off is still running so we will take another trip tomorrow. Here’s what I have my eye on so far…

Of course you have to widen the net a little if you’re really going to get the best cross section of what’s available right now so in the interest of market research I took a look at Topshop online too…
Sequin Crop Cami £30
Leigh Supersoft Skinnies £38
Pink Textured Jumper £36
Suede Beaded Feather Earrings £10

And River Island…

Navy Belted Maxi Skirt £12
Pink Bandage Pencil Skirt £10
Grey Ponti Pencil Skirt £10
Polka Dot Body Con Dress £35
Purple Wrap Front Dress £30
Indigo Sexy  Super Skinny Jeans £39.99
Coral Skinny Jeans £40
Leopard Print Tshirt £15
Leopard Print Belt £15
Black Heart Necklace £10

I have to say the jeans at Dorothy Perkins are so reasonably priced I can’t see myself forking out for the Topshop/River Island options but they’re lovely all the same. I think I’ll get some basics from there and pick up a couple of nicer items from RI/Topshop. I LOVE the pink jumper and the leopard top. I will no doubt take my camera shopping. I’m trying to Vlog every day n December (started a couple of days late but I’m on a roll now) so go and subscribe to my daily vlog channel if you want to come shopping with me!!!


See You Tomorrow


Miss BB



  1. 10 December, 2011 / 11:58 pm

    Oh god, there's so many things I like on here!

    The cardigan and the earrings on the first picture, the jumper and the black top on the second picture, and the leopard print top and the necklace on the last picture are my favourites!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  2. 11 December, 2011 / 12:03 am

    I am deffo loving all the things from dorothy perkins, especially the heart ring! They all look fab though! Hope you get what you want for Christmas!

    Great post, Thank You! 🙂


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