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IMG_1519Of all times to test out a foundation I chose the time I had an unslightly post plucking spot on my top lip but y’know.. keepin’ it real over here y’all. Sh*t happens and all that, the photos stay.

I haven’t tried all that many higher end base products, on the whole I’m happy with my drugstore foundations and BB creams so I never feel a real need to seek out anything bigger and better unless I’m looking for something really special.. or in this case, it’s sent to me. I would never have picked this up, BB cream is so blah it barely varies brand to brand and even at it’s best it’s a glorified tinted moisturiser that’s unlikely to stick around on my oily skin.. so why would I want to spend £30 on one? I wouldn’t. So.. we’ve established this wouldn’t have been something I’d chosen BUT it’s something I”m very happy to have had the opportunity to trial because it’s a very nice product. It’s a light to medium coverage but it looks like nothing on the skin, it doesn’t mask anything but somehow makes everything look better. That’s probably why they sent it to me in conjunction with their You Only Better campaign.. that’s pretty much exactly how I’d describe it.

IMG_1513IMG_1514As I said, very light in look and feel on the skin so not one for those of you looking for a coverall foundation but then I’m guessing you wouldn’t be looking at BB creams in the first place. This with a little concealer under my eyes and on any redness and *ahem* blemishes is the perfect base for me. It’s a satin finish, not too dewy at all and lasts remarkably well on (as I’ve already mentioned) my oily skin too. It’s not particularly great at oil control but if you blot throughout the day the coverage is still there and you can always top up with powder as you see fit. I would imagine this will only get better in the Winter months as my oil dies down and my skin becomes remarkably normal again so I will be keeping this to hand as even in the colder weather I prefer a lighter base.

Would I pay £30 for it? Not in a million years but that’s just me.. that’s not where I like to spend my money, lipsticks? eye shadows? blushes? yes! I think of those as a collection of products I’ll have forever (use by dates be damned) but liquid products like this are only good for so long and chances are you’ll use it up in a couple of months and have nothing to show for your £30. That’s just my personal preference but I know lots of people feel the opposite and would rather spend money on base because you struggle to find what you want for less.. each to their own that’s just me 2 cents and if you want to spend £30 on a BB cream this is a really lovely one.

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  1. 19 September, 2014 / 1:29 pm

    I really like products that are ‘you but better’ but I wouldn’t pay £30 for them, especially when (like you said) they’re basically all the same with CC creams so I could just get a less expensive one 🙂

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Fi
    20 September, 2014 / 8:17 am

    Wild horses won’t part me from my Sleek MakeUP BB cream (if I use one at all) but this has a really lovely finish to it. I haven’t ever ventured into the high end BB cream market but you can definitely see a difference when you have it on.

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