Cobweb Nail Art / #TalontedKhila

img_1855I had to trash Monday’s post, the dire picture quality was killing me!! I decided to repost my first look so that I could also introduce Talonted Lex who I will be collaborating with for this nail art series. We will be posting a bunch of nail looks between now and 31st October to inspire you to try some yourself. Lex is much more skilled than I so I thought I’d do some super simple step-by step guides for those of you beginners out there – like me!

cobwebThis one is tricky, I don’t think I have a fine enough brush or steady enough hand to really do it justice but it’s pretty impressive for a basic ‘starter’ design. You can follow our series on social media using the hashtag #talontedkhila and of course you can follow me and Lex on instagram 😉



  1. 19 October, 2016 / 12:46 pm

    These look amazing, so effective! Sophie x

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