colour control freak?

“Cher lives to do makeovers, it gives her a sense of control in a world full of chaos”
Never have truer words been spoken.
I was pondering today my hair colour addiction and the conclusion I came to was that the rest of my life is so out of my control, my personal appearance (especially my hair) is the one thing I can change on a whim.
I am in that phase again, my colour is fading, the ends are in bad condition and it’s at an awkward length.. the shortest layers are WAY too short. The condition means the natural wave looks like I’ve not brushed it in weeks and I’m avoiding straightening to hopefully improve that but in the mean time I’m left with BAD HAIR!?!?
I want to colour it because the roots and red and the ends are light brown. My options are dye dark again (and face this same problem in 2 weeks when it fades) or go lighter… my plan of attack with this would be to use ColourB4. If you didn’t already catch my video on this the last time I went lighter here is the link for you now..
I loved the effect it had.. it was amazing! it lightens so well.. I did go a ginger colour but I had a lot of colour build up and I was very dark… my hair is a lot lighter now.. I’m thinking if I did that I might be able to colour over a light brown and minimise the damage done by repeated dyeing and and the fading.
*unrelated side note*
I’m currently re-watching the proposal and ahhh Ryan Reynolds in dreamy!
So I’m torn… my hair is quite literally doing my head in.
I know myself well enough to do something to in in the next week… if not day. If I had my car today, on my day off I would have surely driven to the local shop this morning to buy supplies.. probably best I don’t.
now I’m going to make a cup of tea and eat the rest of these mini muffins that have been staring at me.. and continue to look for celeb hair-spiration on google images until 3.15 when I pick up the baby from school.
Have a great snow day y’all
miss bb

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