Condensing Your Closet

Having just reorganised my own closet space I’m hoping I can help some of you do the same. 
It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to new beginnings, why not start the new year with a little space to store whatever 2012 may bring?

Here’s my simple step-by-step guide to condensing your closet…

Firstly you need time.
 Set aside at least half a day for this.. It’s a bigger task than you imagine if you want to do it right.
It may even be an idea to enlist the help of a friend. If they’re a similar size to you they might even take away your cast-offs. One mans trash and all that.
Get it all out.
You will never successfully condense your closet if you can’t see everything you have. Everything needs to come out, yes your room will look like a bomb’s hit but it’s only temporary. If you can see everything it might shock you how much you have you’d forgotten about.

Make three piles.
Keep, Laundry, Throw. If you have a really hard time getting rid of anything I would suggest investing in some vacuum storage bags. Put anything in your throw pile in a bag and stash it away. If you don’t miss any of the items in the bag for 6months you never will! Get rid of them!
Be prepared to try everything on.
There will be things you can throw away at a glance but there are others that you need to try. Jeans and fitted items you haven’t worn for more than a year are good examples of these.
How does it make you feel?
If something doesn’t fit well or make you feel great throw it out. You want getting ready in the morning to be something you enjoy you don’t  want to start your day feeling bad about yourself! You’re not having a “fat day” your clothes just don’t fit you. Don’t hold on to things from 10 years ago intending to slim in to them.. you don’t need that kind of negativity staring at you every day!
What’s your style?
I’m a basics girl and love layering cardigans over tshirts, jeans, leggings… basics! More recently I’ve been better at buying things that will work with each other but a lot of my clothes don’t really fit my style anymore. My taste has changed over the years and even items I like and that still fit well.. is there any point in keeping them if they don’t go with anything else? This is time to be ruthless after all.

Miss BB


  1. 4 December, 2011 / 9:19 pm

    I SO need to do this… I've started running out of wardrobe space which led to me stuffing things on top of another and just grabbing whatever's on top, ignoring the things at the bottom of the pile.
    And then there's that dreaded top shelf which I can't reach, so I just throw things on there and forget about them.
    Thanks for the tips, they sure seemed to work for you!

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