IMG_1332This has been a hot topic for me recently, between conversations with friends and more questions than normal about how to gain confidence via YouTube it seems to be a never ending cycle. We’re never 100% confident ourselves and always assume that everyone else has the secret formula. In reality confidence is a state of mind and ultimately you choose whether you are or you aren’t going to adopt it. For me age has definitely played a part, people tend to assume that YouTubers are uber confident but I’d say that 9/10 that’s not true at all. It’s probably more accurate to guess that most YouTubers are tortured extroverts with crippling social anxienty than that they would be the first one at the party striking up conversations with strangers. I personally have always struggled in situations where I don’t REALLY know anyone, other people seem to have it down to a fine art whereas I can be found hiding in the corner.

As I get older I’m less worried about what people think of me, what I do, what I say, anything really. I’m still not about to jump into a new setting without fear of rejection but I’m comfortable with who I am and have learned to surround myself with people that reinforce that. I know not to chase friendships with ‘the wrong people’ and that the people who aren’t interested in my don’t deserve my interest. Most of it I guess is about valuing yourself.. the girls in the picture above would get a laugh out of that as we spoke a lot about value when we were together last month but it’s true. There’s a huge amount of confidence to be found in realising your own worth. This group of girls taught me more about confidence and self acceptance in a weekend than they know.

IMG_6675 From a cosmetic point of view there are still elements I have trouble with but with age I’m learning to love. One thing I used to get a great deal of comments about was my teeth. I have naturally quite yellow teeth, I don’t smoke or drink red wine (not so subtle questions viewers used to frequently ask) but they were never white and for a long time it really bothered me. I tried whitening strips and such to improve the colour and they definitely helped but they made my already sensitive teeth even worse and definitely weren’t a long term solution. I discovered whitening toothpastes such as Pearl Drops in my youth, my Mum used to buy me this very brand when I was a teenager actually and now I’m more comfortable with myself and my appearance I’m happy with the gentle and effective whitening the new Flawless White provides.  It’s easy to set unrealistic expectations for yourself but that leads to constant disappointment, you never quite measure up and so you’re never as happy as you could be if you realise you’re perfectly fine as you are. I’m definitely more confident when I smile knowing my teeth are that little bit whiter but I’m happier knowing I’m using something gentle enough that it wont stop me from eating that bowl of ice cream later too 😉

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