Couvent Des Minimes

IMG_3330This is a new brand from a very old brand, does the packaging look familiar? It definitely shares more than a small resemblance to it’s parent brand L’Occitane. This new range is made up of 11 ‘recipes’ each of which offers a different selection of products – another example is in this post. Today I have two to share, one is a fragrance – the least floral of the bunch, you know me – and the other is their ‘hero product’, Gardeners Hand Healer.

The fragrance reminds me tremendously of a unisex L’Occitane one I was sent an age ago – link to that post here – which is unsurprising but unlike that one this has a spray attachment in the box so it’s that much easier to actually use. Very fresh, not too heavy or strong.. something I like to spritz when I get out of the shower in the morning to pep me up a bit. Not that I have a lot of morning showers with the children around but when I’m feeling under the weather (like right now) they wake me up a bit and this is a great help too. The ‘original recipe’ for this particular cologne is Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Lemon: Refreshing, Rosemary: Revitalising, Wild Pansy, Lemon Balm: Moisturising, Burdock: Fortifying, Mallow: Soothing, Neroli, Benzoin: Sources of well-being

Gardener’s Hand Healer sounds a bit specific but I guess it’s a bit like smokers toothpaste.. they’re saying this products works on the extreme case of said problem. I’m planning on passing this on to my Grandma who who is still a n avid gardener in to her 80s.. not that that’s old but to add some context, she used to have HUGE greenhouses and sell flowers from her home, I remember describing her to my driving instructor (on a tangent again) and him saying ‘you mean the flower lady?, haha. At this time of year she still does wreathes etc (face it, it’s almost time and if you’re not a Christmas person I suggest you avoid my blog til around February) so she will be the ultimate test for this ‘healer’. I’ve used it and it reminds me a lot of Soap & Glory’s Heal Genius in texture.. not greasy but tacky.. not something I’d want to use during the day but overnight it works very nicely.

I’m excited to try more from this range, it’s not quite as expensive as L’occitane but you have to assume the quality is going to be very similar plus it’s available from Boots.. can we say POINTS? – shop here

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