CREAMY Body Oil?!?


I have tried a lot of Sanctuary Products recently and I have some real favourites that I will definitely repurchase but this is the definite winner!! If you like to feel hydrated but hate to moisturise this is for you. I get our of the bath or shower and put this on straight away on my damp skin, apparently you have a really small window of opportunity here where you can put on your oil or lotion and it will be most effective so I try to get it in straight away. I tried the in shower oil which was again supposed to keep me hydrated for days after use and it was okay but this is SO much better. It goes on like a lotion but as you rub it it feels more like an oil.. I guess it kind of melts but it’s not super thick to begin with. It doesn’t totally absorb (like an oil wouldn’t) but you feel like your skin retains more of it than it does a dry oil spray for example – I was using the Sanctuary oil spray until this and THOUGHT I was happy with it.. pah!

It’s great for massage too.. it’s easier to control so you don’t find it running places it shouldn’t and unlike a regular lotion you’ll never get those annoying rolly bits you do when you’ve rubbed something it too much.. you know what I mean, my husband says ‘it’s getting bitty’ lol. Best of all it has that classic Sanctuary smell which I have now found to be synonymous with bed time since I’ve been using their products for months so it feels like part of my routine and helps me sleep.. the fragrance it strong but very relaxing, for me anyway.

At this time of year when almost everyone suffers some amount of dryness you can’t afford NOT to try this. I know Sanctuary do little minis for travel and if they do I will be buying one (or 2) for my trip to New York in January and it would be a great way for you to trial this before you buy the full bottle so keep an eye out next time you’re in Boots, I challenge you not to love this stuff as much as I do!

£7.00 online here – what? It’s only £7?? don’t even bother with the mini, buy the full size!! 😉

Miss BB

*PR Sample


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  1. Nicola
    24 November, 2013 / 9:22 am

    Get yourself to boots this week, sanctuary is their offer of the week 20quid for a big tin of goodies (:

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