Crest Whitestrips Review

I picked up these Crest Vivid Whitestrips a couple of weeks ago and promised a review so here it is…
They are the mildest version of the infamous strips so I wasn’t expecting a Kandee Johnson smile overnight but I was expecting SOMETHING. I got 10 pouches with a strip for my upper a lower teeth. I have now completed the course and so can share my results with you. I took daily photos after Wearing the strips for 30mins and brushing my teeth.. before you say anything… yes I am aware I have crooked teeth!

Okay… so I got results but they aren’t exactly going to set the world alight are they?
My teeth are noticeably whiter but I don’t feel the result will be permanent and the roots of my lower teeth still seem yellow. My top teeth are much whiter so I am pleased but I am still disappointed. It hasn’t put me off trying the stronger strips so watch this space for news on that in the coming months. These strips seemed different to ones I’ve seen people review on YT, they weren’t stiff, they were like a mixture between clingfilm and bubble wrap  for your teeth.. very odd and very difficult to get used to and to keep in your mouth. I don’t know if we had an older pack or if it is just the vivid strips but they were not at all what I was expecting. Another thing I noticed was that sensitivity increased towards to end of the course but I’m pleased to report that that wore off a day or two after I stopped using them.
Overall it’s a mixed review I suppose. I wasn’t super impressed but I wouldn’t say no to another box in the future. They definitely did something, maybe my expectations were too high.
Here is the before any after again..
If you’ve tried these strips or would like to recommend others please do! I am definitely going to try some other form of home whitening before our wedding next year so leave me a comment if you’ve found the holy grail of home whitening!


  1. 21 June, 2011 / 1:32 pm

    I have been excitedly waiting for this post as I am currently on a teeth whitening crusade myself.

    You can definately see a difference especially on your top row of teeth, so maybe you would get a more drastic Kandee look with the stronger ones?

    I have been using this week arm and hammer whitening toothpaste and Listerine white mouthwash. Mine have lightened slightly, but like you the base of the teeth have remained yellowy. Will have to get one of these treatments to try in addition to my current teeth brushing routine. :0)

  2. 21 June, 2011 / 2:54 pm

    i'm definitly going to buy some of these and try them!

  3. 21 June, 2011 / 2:57 pm

    There's definitely a noticeable difference šŸ™‚ your teeth were pretty white to begin with as well, maybe that's why your results weren't supercrazydramatic?

    I tried the version of white strips you used last year and I had similar results (though my teeth were a LOT more discolored than yours to begin with). Just the other week I used the 2 hr express whitening, and I saw dramatic results. So maybe in a few months give those a try? My teeth tend to be sensitive and I didn't find there was any discomfort at all! I have also been using the whitening mouth wash and toothpaste šŸ™‚ good luck, they look great!

  4. 24 June, 2011 / 10:29 am

    i do really wants to whiten up my teeth before the graduation…huhu

  5. 11 September, 2013 / 3:03 pm

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  6. Charlotte Green
    5 August, 2014 / 5:33 pm

    Iā€™m happy that your pain went away after the treatment. My pain from these were too much so I had to switch to another product. I found strips from Stella White that did the job really good and absolutely painless!

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