DEAL ALERT: 40% Off At My Wardobe

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 15.17.50Okay I don’t usually do 2 deal posts in one day and this I haven’t personally taken advantage of (yet) but it was too good not to share. This is the site I’ve mentioned multiple times before, I bought my Pashli from here and it’s killing me now as they currently have a beautiful metallic version for around £200 less than I paid for it *sob* but they look to be running out of stock of A LOT fast so if you’ve had your eye on a high priced item or are asking for something special for Christmas check My Wardrobe first! The sale JUST went live as I was on the site earlier today looking for links and everything has been reduced since then – another brand I’d look out for is Zoe Karssen as they do crazy expensive slogan tshirts which are now a lot more affordable (I DID take advantage of their 30% off on these last week and yet again the discount is now even better – doh!) Oh and of course Michael Kors! Bags, accessories, you name it!

Happy Shopping.. and I’m sorry!

Miss BB

PS. Thanks to Vanessa from TheOtherVW for the heads up!

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