Dear Diary 05/01

It’s only the 5th but today I almost forgot to post my Dear Diary.. That can’t be a good sign, can it? Luckily I remembered just in time so the streak continues. Today we went shopping for a full length mirror, unfortunately I couldn’t find an unscuffed one of the style I liked but of course I did not come home empty handed. I was so tempted by the skyline lamp above (£14.99 from Range) but I left it in favour of a trip to TKMaxx where I found this beauty..

I’ve been admiring it for months but the last time I went in it was gone. I always figured I’d buy it eventually but at £25 I couldn’t justify buying another piece of (what Lee would classify as) “tat”.. BUT when I saw it today for the low low price of £5 I obviously had to have it. It was fate and it’s now sitting beautifully on my side table. On a side note, I also picked up a Christmas hand wash I’d been listing after which was half price in the sale and another bathroom organiser.. I outgrew the first one QUICKLY!
I didn’t film a specific Dear Diary post today but I did film our little shopping trip so if you want to see that..

Until tomorrow..

Miss BB


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