Dear Diary 08/01

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Today’s entry will be a short one (pardon the pun.. There is one, I’ll get to it..) and we’ll steer clear of the topic of food, I think you’ve heard enough. Actually just one quick note. It was my first work day counting points and I did pretty well, 29 (allocation is 26) with a hardcore gym session at lunchtime so I’m pleased with myself. Anyway.. I just got a lovely tweet from @mslittlelouder informing me she had nominated me for a “shorty award”. I actually had no idea what this was but it seems you can nominate people for all kinds of social media participation. I will maybe post on that separately later on when I understand a little more about it but if you’re interested in putting forward your favourite you can check it out here. I don’t believe there is a limit to how many people you can vote for and I can think of lots across several categories already so I will be tweeting for my favourites. For sure. I started a vlog today but forgot to continue and now I’m lying in bed with toothpaste on a couple of spots that refuse to shift I’m not sure I’m quite “camera ready”.. Maybe tomorrow. Any who I promised a short one for once, not the regular war and peace so I’ll sign off and plead with Lee to give me a much needed back rub while I’m looking so very attractive 😉

Miss BB


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