Dear Diary 09/01

I’m under strict orders to be bathed and in bed in 15 mins so I have to ramble something off here quickly before all internet privileges are taken away. Technically it was agreed upon that I would be in bed for 9 after a string of late nights followed by a 4am wake up call this morning from Milo bear have caught up with me and I really need to get a good nights sleep. Tonight I will be talking about Paula Hamilton who as I type this is talking to herself like a maniac while applying her makeup. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you’re a saner person than I because you’ve avoided this years Celebrity Big Brother, I don’t know how but this year they sucks me in and I’ve developed an almighty hatred for this woman. We were watching purely for Speidi after loving them in The Hills and if they’re evicted over Crazy-Woman Hamilton I will be PISSED! She initially irritated me (while entertaining me thoroughly) by assuming that the all-famous Toadie from Neighbours was a crew member and ordering him to help her out of her chair but as the days go by the evidence against her grows. Razor Ruddock said it best ‘If you’ve been Tenerife, she’s been Elevenerife’.. favourite quote of the show so far. Back to the subject of Speidi, I know a lot of people hate them but much as I’ll always be team LC I will always have a soft spot for Heidi and having seen them in a less staged setting (kind of) they obviously do love each other and it’s heart warming to see when you can’t help but assume these things are put on. Oh God, Paula is now in floods of tears over a bracelet Heidi gave her declaring she would ‘take a bullet for her’ *sigh*. It gets worse.. she isn’t allowed to hurt anyone because she has a “Karate License” It gets more and more ludicrous.. I have to go because I’m late for bed but also.. I just can’t talk about Big Brother anymore without boring you all to Paula-like tears.

My favourites (other than Speidi of course) are Frankie and Razor so far.. who do you want to win it?

Miss BB



  1. Just_elliee
    9 January, 2013 / 10:10 pm

    Paula drives me insane!! im either team Claire or team Rylan xD x

  2. Miss Holly
    9 January, 2013 / 11:54 pm

    YES go Speidi, i am the exact same. WIll always be Team LC but i do also love Heidi. Argh i hate Paula, such a drama queen and always has to be one step above everyone! XO

  3. Katie
    11 January, 2013 / 12:32 am

    Hi…just a quick one to say love your vids… keep em coming… ive not long found you… I was in the crowd at the first eviction!!! Managed to get priority tickets!!! Was right at the front by the big eye! Was totally amazing! !
    Glad Heidi and Spencer got the last laugh by going down to the luxury basement!!

    Take care
    K x

  4. 11 January, 2013 / 3:11 pm

    I love Speidi, Although they would never win as everyone hates them for some stupid reason, I personally think they are awesome, They are so funny in the basement, can’t wait for tonight. I want ‘toad face’ to go but have to admit Sam is rather boring’snore’. My second favourite is Lacey Banghard, (you call a kid that and obviously they will become a glamour model or stripper lol)

    So glad I am not the only sane person still watching bb.


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