Dear Diary 14/01


I finally changed our sheets today (that sounds gross but I just mean I couldn’t be bothered yesterday). Don’t you love fresh sheets? It may not be a perfectly made bed but it’s perfectly cosy and after my bath it’s going to feel SOOO good!


I received this little pot of wonder balm today from Organic Surge. I used it on my lips but it’s not really thick enough for a lip balm, I think it’s more for super dry areas of the face and body but I will be trialling that over the next week or 2 to review for you guys.


In other news it SNOWED today and a certain someone was very excited. We only went out in it for a minute so he could catch some but I hope we get some more so he can take his walk in the snow. Last year he was tiny but this year he will love it. It feels like he’s already so grown up but he still has all of these little first experiences ahead if him!


Any who.. I’m gonna go jump in a nice hot bath and get ready for bed, work tomorrow (already?!?) but before you know it it will be the weekend again.. Think positive!

Miss BB


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