Dear Diary 17/01


Omfg! How freaking cold has it been today? And supposedly it’s going to get worse!! I love winter and I love the snow but can’t it wait til my day off to be freezing so I don’t have to walk to work in it? On the positive my walk is very picturesque right now, a real winter wonderland (see my vlog at the end). I left milo at his childminders today dressed like a happy little elf and then walked out into this frozen world.. I think Christmas should move to January because its a lot Moore festive!


We’ve been looking for a London hotel for our anniversary stay and may have decided on the Thistle Piccadilly.. It looks lovely and the price is right we just want to do a little more browsing before we book. I got some great suggestions on cut price dining and events yesterday so thanks to those who commented.. I’m excited to plan something romantic for the evening but as always we will decide last minute. I’m about to jump into a super hot bath to thaw out from the coldest day of the year so far, hope you’re all keeping nice and warm wherever you are and are looking forward to the weekend!


The first picture is my name in apps.. Too much time on my hands??

Miss BB


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