Dear Diary 18/01


Today I was perhaps the tiredest I’ve ever been. I was up all night with Milo and only managed a couple of hours on the sofa when he paused to cuddle. So my day didn’t start well as you’ll see in the below vlog but it ended MUCH better!! Lee told me what he was planning to get me for my birthday because he wasn’t sure if I’d prefer spending money for our London trip but I’m more than happy with his pick!! Sure enough the boy can take a hint and I will soon be the proud owner of a Rebecca Minkoff Mac Daddy.. It was a toss up between that and the mini mac clutch but we found such a good deal on the larger size online here and I know I’ll get so much more use out if it. So you can colour me happy this evening and even happier when it arrives!!! I haven’t given up on the mini version altogether, I think I’ll treat myself to a funky coloured one for summer but I definitely made the right choice getting the big one in classic black! I estimate cost per wear will make it as good as free lol. I also booked our London hotel today too so I’m all set for next weekends celebrations and am really looking forward to a night away!

Oh and also the bag was the last in stock.. Meant to be!!!!

Miss BB


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