Dear Diary 19/01


Today was our first official snow day. I’m not usually a huge fan if “playing” in the cold stuff but I thought I’d make an exception and it was actually a lot of fun. If it sticks around we may even delve into snow man territory. We took the kids out on the sled, it’s really Milo’s first snow experience and he seems interested, he loved being pulled around with Ella.

I’ve been trying to film enough videos for the coming fortnight to cover our anniversary and my birthday as they fall on my regular YouTube/blogging days so this afternoon was editing editing editing but I have 3 in the bag and a huge list for tomorrow. I think my favourite part of making videos is the editing so although it’s taking up more of my time I’m enjoying it.

In other news I am still very excited about the impending arrival of my new bag as mentioned yesterday and I received a very cool gift from the Ted Baker peeps earlier. It’s a 2013 diary that wolf whistles when you open it.. How awesome is that? I will show it in a vlog soon ’cause the description just doesn’t do it justice!


Anyway.. Here’s today’s snow day vlog..

Miss BB


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  1. 20 January, 2013 / 10:41 am

    Aawwww, so cute! :))


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