Dear Diary 20/01


First and foremost I had perhaps the best nights sleep if my night last night! If you’ve been following these diary posts you’ll know Milo hasn’t been sleeping well lately and that he went to Grandmas last night to give us a break.. And what a break it was! I filmed, I edited, I slept in until NINE! Bliss. But enough about that, I have to say that my day has been filled with thoughts of my beautiful new handbag and surfing the tinterweb for reviews and pictures. It would seem that the largest sized bag in the MAC line that I’ve ordered is not so popular so I’ve found practically nothing but from what I’ve seen in the smaller versions its looking good for this to be my every day bag. I was a little worried it would be too small but It looks like even the littler ones would be ok so fingers crossed! I’m currently sitting in bed watching Parks and Recreations (new favourite show on Netflix FYI) waiting for Lee to get out of the bath so we can have tea.. In bed.. I know! Something about Sundays really tires me out and I’m always in bed early so I figured why not just have dinner there? Lol.

Lastly, if you read this in time there’s a teeny bit of time left on the Clarisonic co-buy from buyapowa. I use mine everyday and so many people ask if its worth the money, well it’s currently £30 off and best off all you can choose a colour (mines just boring old white) – deal is here

Happy Sunday (I can say that, I don’t work Mondays)

Miss BB


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