Dear Diary 21/01

This is amazing. That is all.

Ok I really did consider that being todays entire post because that sums up my Monday pretty well but I do have more to say. So my bag came.. obviously! but also lots of other stuff did too! I ordered a ‘man bag’ for Lee from Superdry which he loves and will be taking away with us next week. That was one thing I knew we needed as we plan to go straight out from the train and not get back to the hotel til the evening so we didn’t want to have any huge bags with us to carry around. My new bag is luckily large enough to fit in a change of tshirt and my essentials and Lee’s is plenty big enough for his stuff.. and maybe some of mine.. perfect! I’ve decided to save my bag for our trip so it’s extra special but it’s painful not to get filling it now, I’m dying to see what I can cram in it. I will be filming a ‘What’s In My Bag’ very soon along with a ‘packing for a night away’ video because my space will be limited so I thought it could be useful. I also filmed an unboxing video which is terrible quality but you get the vibe of my general excitement..

Some other stuff that came today.. tesco shopping, always fun, I ordered some mini perfumes from Next that I’m looking forward to testing out so I can pick one to take away with us. That might be it actually but I finally filmed the haul I’ve been promising and that will go up on Wednesday. In fact.. for those interested I have 3 videos scheduled, Weds: Haul, Sat: Makeup Collection and Monday: How I Clean My Brushes. I love having videos filmed and uploaded ahead of time, when you work til 6 it can be a little stressful to get home and think about filming and editing so getting things straight on a Monday is essential for me. I’m blogged up for a week and a half too *phew*. That’s what I’m loving about these daily posts, they’re totally informal and easy.. if I have a lot to say I say it, if I don’t it doesn’t matter.. no pressure! Anywho.. I’m off to watch an episode of Pretty Little Liars before Lee gets in from fighting (hopefully McDonalds in hand) then to bed with my handbag.


Miss BB



  1. 21 January, 2013 / 8:23 pm

    I love the bag – it’s beautiful! Good choice! 🙂

  2. 22 January, 2013 / 11:31 am

    What a lovely bag, i cant believe the price you got it for! I think i’ll be stalking that site for when they get more stock,x

  3. 22 January, 2013 / 5:45 pm

    wow what a lovely bag 🙂

    How cute is Milo, I couldn’t help but watch him escape in the background lol

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