Define & Line

Last week the lovely people at miners sent me their new product launch to try out and review.
“Define & Line” Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Blue and Brown.
The packaging is what you would expect from a drugstore level brand, no better or worse that Rimmel (as an example) I mention Rimmel because they make my all time no.1 favourite liquid Liner in the WORLD.
That liner is Rimmel Exaggerate and it is perfect from the formula to the applicator. I have tried to replace it with other brands for two reason, 1. It may be discontinued one day and 2. it’s nearly £5 dependant on where you buy it and for a basic black liner from the drugstore I’d like to pay less. I’ve tried 2true.. the applicator was too hard, I’ve tried collection2000’s felt tip liner and it was practically indelible ink.. took forever to come off and bleeds a little…. I tried Revlon which was good but no cheaper so when this arrived on my doorstep I was excited!
I’ll give you a rundown ..
The applicator is firm but it has a brush tip so for me it’s very useable
The handling is not so great.. one thing this is really missing is an easy to hold tapered lid.. its not impossible but they haven’t made it easy for those that do struggle.
The formula is nice, dry too fast or flake off when you apply more over-top and it’s wet enough that you won’t have to apply too much pressure to your delicate eyes.
One point about the formula is that for me it wasn’t dark enough.. the black just wasn’t really black and I needed at least 2 coats to get the look I wanted. Once it’s dry it almost looks blue after just one line. The blue is a fabulous peacocky colour, very flattering and wearable and the brown is very dark so for those that are avoiding that full on harsh black on their eyes it’s the perfect mid shade. 
Staying power is great, When I’m testing eye products I tend to leave them overnight to see what they can really do.. my pillows are worse for wear but this wasn’t. It held up really well and my winged liner was still perfect the morning after.  

top to bottom
Black, Blue, Brown

All in all this is not a bad product for the money. It’s £2.99 from and it works for me. I think liquid liner really boils down to personal preference. You have to try everything out there before you know for sure what suits you best. Although this hasn’t knocked my Rimmel off it’s number 1 spot for the price and the applicator I think this would come a close second.


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