Depotting Drama

In anticipation of my Z-Palette and Unii Palettes being delivered I thought I’d start depotting my single shadows so they’re all prepared and ready to be popped in when they arrive. The main reason I wanted the palettes was for my many MUA shadows that don’t get much use because they’re singles, unfortunately they are the hardest things to depot ever!
Unlike MAC singles they don’t seem to have a pop out insert so you have to burn all the way through the bottom of the packaging to push out the pan. Some were easier than others but for some reason the matte shades (my personal favourites) were the worst for cracking. I planned to depot all of the below shadows..
I ended up just doing the MUA’s and the W7s (top left 3) for now. The W7’s were actually much easier, they were pretty much the same packaging as MAC ones, just bigger. I did do a “how-to” video on depotting MAC shadows a while ago so check that out if you’re interested in how to do it. I know there are many methods out there but this is how I did it…
I basically used the same technique to push the pans out of my MUA shadows just without pushing out the inserts. If any of you are aware of an easier way to do it or that you can actually push out an insert then PLEASE let me know because I’m going to pick up replacements for the one’s I broke at the weekend as well as the few I am missing (for £1 each I want the whole colour range!) so I will have to do some more and intend to make a video for those of you that have requested one so if you have any tips you’d like to share then go ahead and leave me a comment.
So excited to receive my palettes. Have any of you depotted your shadows for a Z/Unii Palette???


  1. 11 August, 2011 / 7:57 pm

    I've depotted some of these. I did what you did first time and it was a disaster. Use a drawing pin and run it between the pan and the plastic until it feels loose. It should eventually just pop out as it's only stuck in there with a little bit of glue.xx

  2. 11 August, 2011 / 8:07 pm

    Aww i hate it when i damage eyeshadows by depotting, ive not tried these ones but i do find matte shadows break the easiest too xx

  3. 11 August, 2011 / 10:15 pm

    I had a depotting mission the other day and ended up ruining some of my eyeshadows (mainly nyx palette eyeshadows). I tried out the oven method for the first time and yes it is quicker but unfortunately it doesnt work well with all eyeshadows

  4. 12 August, 2011 / 10:25 am

    I have never tried to depot and thats only coz I am not brave enough. I have been looking at getting a Z palette…. I have No7, MUA, Virgin Vie, Bourjois and so on!!

  5. 14 August, 2011 / 12:48 pm

    Oh god, I tried this with mine and just ended up breaking them all, I also have a few of the neutral Natural Collection single shadows that I'd like to depot. I still need to buy a Z Palette or Uni Palette – where did you get yours from? x

  6. 21 August, 2011 / 9:24 pm

    got my unii from their site and the z palette from love and makeup!
    for those of you that havent tried depotting MUA shadows are great to start with 'cause they're only £1 so now gutting if you ruin it!!!
    I get so much more use from them now so it's definitely worth it!

  7. 28 August, 2011 / 4:33 am

    I depot using a pan on my stove. Never have broken one. I have a vid on youtube if you wanna see it my user name is Lsilentstorm143 if your interested

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