Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

With less than a month to go til the ‘Most Romantic Day Of The Year’ rolls around again this will be the first of many Valentines themed posts so prepare yourselves. This time is particularly special for me as my first wedding anniversary is on 28th January (I would imagine my other anniversaries will also fall on this date) so I expect a big gesture and nothing says romance quite like diamonds! A little over a year ago we were still hunting for our wedding bands and I came across a site called which offer some serious discounts and had our budget not been super tight there was one that went with my e-ring perfectly I’d have loved.. I’m still holding out hope for an upgrade in the not too distant future! In fact while we’re on the subject, I’ve had so many questions regarding my engagement ring (see here) which was actually custom designed but the site has a few vintage inspired diamond engagement rings which are similar.

They say good things come in small packages and where jewellery is concerned this is definitely the case. A little box can have a large impact and I don’t know about you but I know where every piece of my jewellery came from, it’s sentimental and something you can keep forever to remember the person who gave it to you. I have a necklace my husband gave me for our first Christmas that I rarely take off purely because it came from him and it reminds me of that time. I think every girl remembers her first diamond, the sparkle is captivating and it’s a moment you’ll never forget.. especially if it symbolises the promise of many more moments to come.

If you’re gearing up to drop some serious ‘pop the question’ hints, send him (or her) this website could be the perfect way to do it, diamonds for you.. discounts for them! Win Win!

Happy Almost Valentines Day

Miss BB

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  1. 17 January, 2013 / 7:54 am

    We are planning our wedding (which won’t be for a while) and so the hunt for wedding bands will begin soon! I loved engagement ring shopping, especially since I got to do it in New York City!

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