Divine Davines

First of all, how do you pronounce Davines? Is it like Daveens or Daviyns? Anyone?
I received these samples in a recent Glossybox and though they didn’t wow me at first they are in my top 5 beauty box samples for sure. They are both full-sized which is always nice and they are really suited to my skin and hair type right now.. that’s right I said skin and hair.
In the bottle is a ‘cleansing nectar’, it has an oily consistency and can be used as a body wash or a shampoo. Now you know I’m big on hair care and the recent discovery of oils and their magical powers made me very interested in this. Although it feels like an oil it lathers up and you still get that clean feeling when it’s rinsed out. I thought it was going to be like those conditioner shampoos that everyone says leaves their hair feeling dirty but it’s really not. It’s a nice product!
The tube is a bit more interesting. It’s a moisturising balm again for use of hair and body but also face. I did a little more experimenting with this one, I used it as a conditioner first the results of which were really good. I tried it as a facial moisturiser but found it a touch too greasy and not so quick to soak in to my skin and lastly I used it as a cleanser. When I saw balm I thought cleanse and polish  so I tried it as a replacement and it worked really well. 
I wouldn’t choose to use these on my body as they are not the largest volume of product and they are not the cheapest either at £18.25 for 280ml of the cleansing oil and £17.40 for 150ml of the balm and I’m just not going to pay that for a body product. I would, however, pay it for haircare that is truly exceptional.
I like the cleansing oil for it’s unique formula but it didn’t really impress me whereas the balm was a serious moisture hit for my dry, frazzled ends and I would seriously consider repurchasing this when it runs out. If you look at it as an intensive treatment, using it sparingly as opposed to an everyday conditioner it’s slightly easier to justify the cost. 
They are from the Authentic line and can purchased here
Miss BB


  1. 6 April, 2012 / 3:02 pm

    Love the packaging of these, seen the moisturising balm cropping up quite abit lately on beauty blogs! i may have to take a look 🙂 x

  2. Angela
    7 April, 2012 / 6:34 pm

    It's pronounces da-vin-ess and they also have the Comfort Zone skin care line that you got bunches of samples of in one of your recent beauty boxes.

  3. 7 April, 2012 / 10:04 pm

    The smell was far to overpowering for me I used the moisturiser once my skin felt amazing but I just couldnt get over the smell to use it again x

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