DIY Wedding Cake

It was always my plan to make my own cake but I’d intended to stick to my tried and tested cupcakes so as to avoid any unnecessary stress on the day. HOWEVER.. I don’t often get opportunity to make a big cake so I thought why not go for it? I have 20 people eating and this will be more than big enough.. it will probably be left mostly uneaten in truth but you have to have a cake don’t you? And it was fun to make.. though time consuming and absolutely EXHAUSTING! I’m just about ready to keel over now but I must make my last countdown video and get this cake and the decorations to the restaurant. I’m not looking forward to it given that it’s raining outside and the restaurant is also a bar… and it’s friday night *sigh* but it must be done and it’s only 5.30 so I’m hoping I’ll still manage to be in bed before 10 even with everything that needs to be done to get ready for tomorrow. 

I know it would have been easier and would have looked better if I’d used rolled white icing but at the end of the day.. who really eats that stuff? I know it’s nice for a cake to LOOK nice but isn’t it more important how it tastes? And I can tell you that this cake will be DELICIOUS! It has alternate layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge with vanilla frosting.. yum! I’m not a big cake person but even I’m looking forward to a piece of this after dinner! Decor-wise I kind of wish I’d stayed away from the glitter, it would definitely have looked better without it but hey ho.. what’s done is done.
I filmed a little here and there as I was making this ‘masterpiece’ so once I have edited that together I will post it here for you to see how I did it along with step by step instructions and a link to the recipe I use but for now… here it is.. everyone keep their fingers crossed that it waits 24 hours before it decides to collapse :/

Miss BB


  1. 28 January, 2012 / 1:45 am

    Considering you aren't some specialty cake maker with tons of expierence I think you did a fantastic job! It's a beautiful cake! I love the “Just Married” – it's cute =)

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