Dressing For Winter

Today’s post was provided for me however it’s pretty darn relevant to everything I’ve spoken about in recent outfit posts. I have an upcoming witer holiday and I’m manically searching for ways to dress for the super cold New York temperatures while still looking stylish. These tips are great if you’re looking for some wardrobe guidance this season

IExperiment with Scarves

Scarves make for a great fashion accessory, especially in the winter, and they can be worn in a number of different ways to create totally different looks. For example, you can wrap a large chunky scarf around your neck, or you can leave it dangling from both sides of your shoulders.

IMG_0884It’s all About the Shoes …

Boots are a great way to jazz up a winter outfit, whether you go for knee high for additional warmth, or cute ankle boots. Men can invest in some heavy-duty shoes such as Timberlands, and wellies are perfect for keeping your feet dry if you plan on walking in the rain or snow.

IMG_3968-1024x670Coats & Jackets

Having a good quality coat to wear in the winter is imperative and this goes for both men and women. Buy a jacket that comes down to below your waist for extra toastiness and make sure the collar comes up and the sleeves are long.

Look Online for Ideas

It is easy to get hold of fashionable ideas about what to wear this winter by looking online. Websites such as Dobell.co.uk are the perfect example if you are not sure what to wear when the colder months arrive. Cold, wintry weather is no excuse for not dressing well – a smart blazer, paired with shirt and jeans, works very well.

IMG_0847Layer Up!

Buy some leggings and wear them underneath your jeans or trousers to create an extra layer to trap the heat in. You can also wear vest tops under t-shirts or blouses, or buy specialist thermal underwear to help you to layer up during the cooler months.

IMG_4542-660x1024Matching Fashion

Looking good in the winter is easier than many think and while in the summer you might match your handbag with your shoes, why not try and match your hat with your scarf, or your boots to your jacket, to give your outfit a more fashionable look?

Keep your Head Hot Hats are the perfect accessory in the winter, as we all know we lose more heat from our head than any other part of the body. Woolly hats, bobble hats, beanies, trapper hats and ski hats can not only compliment an outfit, they also serve the practical purpose of keeping you warm. Not to mention they are perfect for hiding untidy hair!

1621860_10151826951751504_1534204823_nThe Gloves Have It!

Gloves look great on keen fashionistas. Not only do they look good, they are also a simple yet effective way of keeping your hands warm when the weather is cold. They work well with any outfit and you can also colour coordinate to make your gloves match your hat and scarf.

Jump for Jumpers

One of the simplest ways to look good and stay warm in the winter is to wear a jumper. There are so many different designs to choose from that it’s easy to find a jumper to match your style.

IMG_0952Use Faux Fur

Faux fur is a great way to make sure you are cosy when walking down the high street in the middle of January and it can be used to line your neck, your cuffs, your hat and also works well as an inside lining to trap heat inside.

If you are looking for a way to keep warm yet stay fashionable this winter, then you will need to think about what to wear from your head to your toes to ensure you look great and feel snug.

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