Dupe Hunting: Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powders

I’m sharing this one PURELY for reference for those of you who’ve seen the video because capturing the sheen of a powder highlight in overhead Boots lighting is near IMPOSSIBLE in a photograph. Some of these really wont glow until you get outside, including the one I’m attempting to dupe!

I discovered the Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder in this mini duo years ago (now available in the UK and EXCELLENT value) and at Christmas I impulse ordered what I THOUGHT was the full size of the Candlelight but turned out to be the much deeper, sunlight. I’m going to try to make it work as a sheeny bronzer when I fake tan in the summer months (and maybe eyeshadow?) but it was an expensive mistake!!

As with so many of the pricier products I love, I feel obliged to find affordable alternatives to recommend but this year I resolved to stop stock piling makeup purely for reviews and so going in to store and gathering an arm full of swatches seemed like a good solution.

I did find some pretty great ones in the process. No total dupes but some solid options

The ‘highlights’ (pardon the pun) from these were the S&G Wonder Bronze and the MaxFactor Creme Puffs based on that sheeny finish I love. There are plenty of frosty, glitter bomb powders out there but that GLOW is tricky on a budget so I’m more interested in this than colour which is why they’re my winners.

The testers in the Meadowhall store were a major let down. There were lots of glowy bronzers I wanted to swatch that weren’t available so as with the Dior Lip Maximiser Dupe Hunt.. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be back!


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