Dupe Hunting: NARS Sex Appeal Blush

This is one of my all time favourite blushes and thus far has been IMPOSSIBLE to dupe. It’s so specific, a creamy, light pink/peach that looks like a whole load of nothing but gives the prettiest glow on paler complexions.

I first heard about it when I read an interview with Blake Lively’s makeup artist who said that’s what she used on her and I was SOLD. I’ve never found another like it and so it seemed like a good one to put to the test in Boots. If you missed the other posts, the general gist is I am swatching in store to identify dupes on the go in a shop with me style vlog – I’m posting the swatches here for reference.

The Maybelline cream (mousse?) was the closest colour match but I was really impressed by the Morphe palettes. I’m not usually in to blush palettes but they had some really unusual shades – wouldn’t it be great if you could just take out the one you wanted to use? I feel like we’ve already had that but taking out a massive palette for one blush just doesn’t appeal.

It was just as difficult to dupe as I expected but I did identify that it’s definitely more peach in tone than pink and there’s definitely been a peach resurgence of late so keep your eyes peeled.. a dupe may present itself yet!


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