Easy Chalkboard Wall For Kids Room

So I did this DIY approximately 2 years ago and these photos have been hanging out in a folder waiting for me to blog about it. That’s why I’m not a Mummy blogger. I mean that and a myriad of other reasons but I’m just not organised enough for this shizz.

Most of the reason I was delaying was that I envisaged a super cool mural of sorts to show off the finished article but 24 months later I’m accepted that it’s never going to happen (I don’t even have a shot of the finished article!) so I’m sharing now for those of you climbing the walls over half term and looking for something to keep the kids quiet – even if only for a little while.

It’s a super simple painting job, I only did one coat on white walls (although 2 would be advisable) and the hardest part was getting the masking tape straight. I decided to stick to a panel rather than the whole wall purely because our ceilings are so very high and I didn’t want to get out the ladder – lazy til the end.

Milo got his own mini roller and (let’s be honest – I didn’t let him do much) helped me (hindered me) cover the wall and within a couple of hours it was totally dry. the paint is so thin it’s touch dry almost immediately but I’d leave it overnight before you make your mark – just to be safe.

Once it’s 100% it’s time to re-enlist the kids. Scribble to your heart’s content, get as much chalk on those walls as you possibly can. This helps to create a layer dust so that the chalk doesn’t leave permanent marks on the walls and it adds a texture to the wall that makes it easier to draw on.

My experience has been that regular chalk comes off with a duster/towel but liquid chalks on a painted wall? Never completely gone – even wiping away with cleaner. I’ve added a chalkboard back splash in our kitchen since this too and it’s great to avoid the dirty water splashes on the walls and makes the whole thing look so much neater.

If you’re unsure about committing, why don’t you try a door panel or painting the inside of a frame (remove the glass obvs) as a test run? You can get all different colours of chalk paint these days, when Ella was little she had a pink wall.. the only limit is your creativity chosen colour scheme and ability to adapt 😉


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