Eau De New York

It’s not that I dislike this.. well…. maybe it is. Again, an unfortunate choice of sample from Next but I do have some positives. I like the overall fragrance it’s just super strong straight out of the bottle. It reminds me so much of something my grandma used to wear and I want to say it’s YSL Paris. The two fragrances do share the notes of Amber, Orange Blossom and Bergamot so what are the chances that’s what I’m smelling? It’s nostalgic for me but not something I’d chose to wear. Again it comes down to personal preference, I prefer light, sugary scents rather than heavy, florals but given that this is so similar to a very high end eau de parfum I’d say there’s probably a great deal of you that will love this. Chanel No5 For example is a very heavy, mature fragrance that I’m shocked is still so popular but it goes to show, one womans signature scent her best friend will no doubt hate. I love this packaging of this though, as well as the price so I will check out Milan or Paris next time I’m in store as they are my preferred fragrances from the range.

You can’t beat £12 for 100ml though so if you like one of the 4 scents you’re in for a bargain!

Miss BB


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