ELF 3-in-1 Mascara


Last week I instagrammed the above picture and promised a follow up post but I wanted to use it a while before I sang it’s praises to be sure it really was that good.. well it is. The more mascara’s I try the more I am realising that it’s more about the brush than the formula. I can count of one hand those I have liked, and I have tried a lot so to tell you I like this one is nothing to be ignored. It has the spiky brush I’ve come to love as well as the rounded end to catch the corners and bottom lashes, I’m sure more expensive formula’s hold a curl better, last longer and don’t flake/smudge but I have no problems with this on any of those counts and it only costs £3.75! By request here’s a creepy before any after shot below, The roots of my lashes are dark but they aren’t long or thick and not just any mascara can make anything of them. I have used this (by choice) every day fora week so have no problem recommending this to you guys as I am so so happy with it.



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  1. 8 January, 2013 / 4:21 pm

    I love cheap and effective. E.L.F products are really quite awesome.

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